Singapore Business Registration
for Local Entrepreneurs

It’s never been easier to start a local business than it is today. Let us manage your company formation online and get it ready while you focus on bigger plans for your business.

Singapore Business Registration
for Local Entrepreneurs

It’s never been easier to start a local business than it is today. Let us manage your company formation online and get it ready while you focus on bigger plans for your business.

What People say About Us

Hear what our beloved clients say about us

Biz Atom was very helpful, forthcoming with all the information, and went the extra mile to advise us in accountancy and taxation matters. Their team was very pleasant and friendly. I would highly recommend them to my professional acquaintances especially those who need expertise in corporate secretarial matters.

Jacky Koh
Managing Director
7G Lifestyle Pte. Ltd..

Biz Atom helped me set up my business and complete the paperwork for my company incorporation very efficiently. I’ve had a very positive experience working with their team that always warmly and readily provided me with guidance and advice.


Joanna Liew
Founder & Director
Perceptive Pte. Ltd.

I enjoyed working with Biz Atom because they were really great at assisting us in setting up my software company in Singapore. They always responded to us promptly and gave us comprehensive guidance on the required documents we needed to submit and how to use their online portal.

Ricky Halim
Managing Director
Hashmicro Web..

Knows Their Stuff

Biz Atom really knows their stuff. Their team truly went far and beyond doing everything they can to help me start my business. Always friendly, informative, and quick to respond to all my questions. I consider myself blessed to have met them.

Joseff Tan

Founder & Director, Macro Wealth Management Pte. Ltd.


Excellent! Biz Atom was always very responsive, had a super helpful team, and went above and beyond to assist us. If you are looking for a company set up in Singapore, without a doubt, Biz Atom is the best!

Anu Lall

Business Development Director, Yogasmith Pte. Ltd.

Biz Atom is Great

My experience working with Biz Atom was great. They will help you out with what is best for you and your business interest. As a startup, this collaboration and mutual trust were really beneficial for us! I would highly recommend their services which go above and beyond what is on paper.

Abishek Sinha

Founder & Director, Gaps Enterprises Pte. Ltd.

Trusted by companies of different sizes across various industries

Why Incorporate With Us?

Register from Anywhere

You don’t have to fly to Singapore to get your company registered. All you need to do is create an account, and you can collaborate with us on the Biz Atom platform.

Easy & Quick Process

We make sure that you enjoy our hassle-free company incorporation process. It lets you save time and focus more on your high-value business activities.

Safe & Secure

All your documents required for registering your business in Singapore are privately stored on a safe and secured cloud platform that you can access from anywhere.

How It Works

We guide you every step of the way

  • Get your company name approved by ACRA

Give us your company name, we check its availability, and then submit it to ACRA for their approval.

  • Submit all your registration documents

The required documents include your Company Constitution, Signed Consent to Act as a Director, Signed Consent to Act as a Director, and Identification and Residential Address details for each shareholder and officer of the company.

  • We verify all the documents

We will check if all the documents are already complete. In compliance with the international AML regulations, we are required by ACRA to conduct a Know Your Customer (KYC) due-diligence.

  • Have your company registered with ACRA

Once all the required documents have been completed, we register your company with ACRA. The registration process usually takes less than an hour, but if your company has to be referred to another government agency for further vetting, it can take a few weeks.


Find the Best Plan for Your Business in Singapore



Included in this package


  • We check your company name, collect all required files such as details on your directors and shareholders, prepare the constitution, send them for you to sign digitally, and then submit them to ACRA.

Corporate Secretary

  • Our corporate secretarial services include taking care of all the necessary docs required by law, managing regulatory filings, processing every change in your business, and many more.



Included in this package

Everything in the Basic package, and

Registered Address

  • We can provide you with a registered address if you don’t have one. We handle your incoming letters, scan and store them in your Biz Atom account, allowing you to have easy access to all your documents.






Included in this package

Everything in the Standard package, and


  • We make sure your company complies with ACRA and IRAS. Our accounting services include preparing financial statements, corporate tax computation and filing of ECI & Form C-S, tax optimization and planning, GST computation, bookkeeping, and many more., a




Why do companies need a company secretary in Singapore?

ACRA requires every Singapore business to hire a Corporate Secretary who is a resident of Singapore (citizen or permanent resident). His or her duties are to take care of all the necessary documents required by law, such as issuing company resolutions, managing regulatory filings, and maintaining company books. It is their job to process every decision and every change your business goes through and report to ACRA accordingly.

What are the responsibilities of a company secretary?

A company secretary is someone who is responsible for taking care of company administration work. He or she is tasked with maintaining operations in accordance with the legal, regulatory, and legal requirements of Singapore. The corporate secretary is also responsible for managing company compliance and acts as a mediator between shareholders and directors.

In Singapore, company secretaries also share responsibilities for certain legal obligations with company directors. If the Secretary finds a violation of the law, he or she is asked to notify the people concerned so that the matter can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Why outsource a company secretary?

Outsourcing a company secretary is a great way to save time and money, especially for foreign entrepreneurs and non-permanent residents living outside of Singapore. The process of registering and up-keeping a company in Singapore can be challenging and time-consuming. Biz Atom makes it easy for you to incorporate a company in Singapore and makes sure that you don’t waste your time on paperwork.

How do I appoint a company secretary?

Before choosing a company secretary for your business, you should know the requirements of a company secretary. According to the Companies Act of Singapore, a company secretary must be a resident of Singapore, such as a citizen or a  permanent resident. The secretary must also have the necessary experience, knowledge, and qualifications for the position.

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