Tips on Changing Your Business Name in Singapore

Tips on Changing Your Business Name in Singapore

Have you thought about changing your Singapore business name lately? If so, keep in mind that this should not be taken lightly because changing a company name is not an instant process. However, there are situations where making this change is a must. For example, there may come a time when the name you chose for your company during incorporation no longer serves your intended purpose.

If you need to change your business name in Singapore, you are on the right page! Keep reading to learn about the procedure you will have to go through and what you will need to prepare.

How to change your business name if you are a local company

Luckily for local business owners, all changes can purely be made online via ACRA’s filing portal, BizFile+. Since BizFile+ is organized into various transaction forms, the main form you will use to record changes is called ‘Change in Company Information including Appointment/Cessation of Company Officers/Auditors.’ Below are the steps to changing your local company’s name.

Step 1 – Choose a new business name

Choosing a good name should be a priority because it determines the image of your business. However, it is equally important to select an appropriate name that complies with the law. You will need to carefully select a new name for your existing company and make sure that it is:

  • not identical to other existing companies;
  • not similar to the company name that was booked;
  • not blacklisted; and
  • not vulgar or obscene.

To check the availability of your new company name, you can use Biz Atom’s company name checking tool

Step 2 – Submit the new company name to ACRA

The new company name submission should be made by your company secretary. However, if you do not have one, you can engage our company secretarial services.  This process is done online via BizFile+ with a filing fee of S$15. 

Step 3 – Pass a Special Resolution 

Upon ACRA’s approval,  you need to pass a Special Resolution to authorize the change. Therefore, your company secretary should:

  • Prepare a written resolution to validate the company name change;
  • Deliver a general meeting;
  • Announce the meeting date to all shareholders; and
  • Communicate the meeting agenda (resolution allows change of company name).

At the meeting, members who collectively hold at least 75% of the voting rights have to agree to the resolution to change the company name. Your secretary must then send 14 days’ written notice to shareholders. However, it could be short notice if those who hold at least 95% of the voting rights agree with it.

Step 4 – File a Notice of Resolution

After getting shareholders’ approval, your secretary should file a Notice of Resolution with ACRA within 14 days of approval via BizFile+.

Step 5 – Receive a Notice of Incorporation from ACRA

After filing the Notice of Resolution, ACRA will issue a Notice Incorporation under your new company name. The change will be effective once the notice has been given.

How to change your business name if you are a foreign company

Foreign companies in Singapore that want to change their names must appoint authorized representatives and directors of a new company or update their information via BizFile+. In some instances, you may need to provide supporting documents from your head office, which must be translated (if any) and notarized by a Notary in Singapore. Below are the steps to changing your foreign company’s name with ACRA:

Step 1 – Submit the company name change form

First, log in to BizFile+ to fill out and submit the form called ‘Change in the Foreign Company Information, including Appointment/Cessation of Directors/Authorised Representatives.’ You will need to pay a filing fee of S$15. 

Step 2 – File a Notice of Change of Company Name

After your application is approved, you must submit a “Notice of Change of Company Name” with supporting documents showing the new name of your head office. You can find this form in the same section of BizFile+.

What is next after changing your business name?

After the approval, you can ask your corporate service provider in Singapore to confirm your company name change online. Next, you will have to do several important things, including:

  • Replacing your company’s previous name with the new one on your business website, letterhead, social media accounts, signage, & brochure;
  • Renewing your company seal and stamp;
  • Checking if you need to register the new name as your trademark;
  • Communicating with IRAS within two weeks of the name change; and
  • Informing your customers and suppliers about the change.

Are you ready to change your company name? If you have any doubt, then you may want to reread this simple guide. And, remember to take some measures before deciding to change your company name. If you need our assistance, please contact us or reserve a meeting date at any time. 

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